Who are we?

The world Watches Company – is an importer of various kinds of watches, founded in 2009. This site is a virtual shop that offers a wide range of watches, mostly in exclusive design, both for both men and women, at attractive prices. The company has a quality of product, and therefore offers high quality watches and exclusive design. The sale through the site is done for individuals. Store owners who want to market our products, are welcome to contact via tab contact the site and/or directly on the phone – 0545347028

For any questions and answers to all kinds of issues, contact directly through the "contact" page in one of the ways such as: phone, email, postal address.

How do I order?

First, enter the catalogue to be impressed with the products and choose the right product and desired.

After you select the product you want, you must select a quantity and click "Add to Cart".
Then you can choose whether to go for a fee or continue on-site shopping. If you are finished, fill in the details and move to the payment screen.

Filling out an order

When making a purchase at the site, you must enter the site with details such as: First and last name, telephone, city, postal code, e-mail, and other details…

Filing erroneous information is a criminal offence. These individuals are liable to take serious legal action.

Privacy Policy

When browsing the site and making a purchase you will need to provide personal information such as: Full name, phone, email, private address and tender.

All information provided on the site is kept and secured in the site database, the information will not be delivered to any third party and is used solely for the purpose of purchasing and handling it,
Also, the company may send messages or mailings to the email address or phone number at the time of purchase, if you do not wish to contact us through the "Contact Us" page and request that such a diaspora be made.
If you would like to ask to know the information that is stored on your website, you can also contact us via contact.


Making a payment

To make a payment, you must fill in the shopping basket page with full, correct details, then choose your preferred payment option such as:
PAYPAL, credit payment, telephone order. Then click on "Order", then go to the secure interface for payment.

Upon completion of the order, the purchaser shall be charged immediately for the full payment of the invitation.
You can also make a payment by wire transfer or cash deposit to the store's mail account at Israel Post offices. By appointment only on phone 0545347028.


Safe Purchase and purchase options

The "WatchWorld" website has an SSL-secured credit payment interface. So there is no concern to make an online purchase, because the credit details are transferred directly to the clearing company and are not kept in the database.

In addition we offer the safest purchase option in the world by the PAYPAL interface that uses the world's most advanced internet protection and serves billions of people worldwide for a safe and fast payment in a variety of business and online shopping.


The products are being sent within 24 hours of booking.

A registered mail delivery is at no extra cost and reaches a post office close to the customer's home in about 5 business days.

The shipments sent by registered mail are transferred through Israel's mail and can be delayed for reasons not under our control, but by Israeli mail.

Express shipments are sent through a delivery company and will reach the customer's home/workplace within 24-72 hours.

Express shipments time is faster and more accurate and highly recommended for customers who are interested in obtaining the products quickly and efficiently.


Each product, purchased in the store, will be given only a warranty to the clock engine, depending on the model for at least one year.

There is no responsibility covering the Gaza Strip, paved, glass, damage caused by an accident or an incorrect use, the penetration of fluids (except for my watch diving), and in the case of opening the clock not by us.

No warranty on external parts

In addition, each shipment of our products undergo individual quality control to ensure that the products are correct before sending them to the customer.

Turn off order of wristwatches and legal issues:

1. In case of cancellation of the reservation after the customer received the clock (within 14 days only), the customer is obliged to return the clock to the store in its original packaging, as received by the customer after the clock was purchased. Of course, you did not wear the watch and did not cut the clock, as illustrated in its original packaging. If this is given a full refund (excluding shipping fees) or replace with another product.
If you receive a faulty product or order a product that is out of stock you can contact us for a solution such as a new product, refund, exchange.


2. The site reserves the right to prevent any man of the faded to participate in the purchase of the site or to cancel any time at its sole discretion. If a mistake is made by typing a particular clock or price of a particular watch or error in printing or error in the image, the site is entitled to cancel the transaction at discretion and not sell (without any right from any customer to sue the site or store).

3. Any inquiry or any claim related to the site will be found in the regional court.
4. When cancellation of the customer's transaction, you will pay 5 percent cancellation fee + shipping cost.

5. Replacement and/or product substitution will be made by shipment of the product in its original packaging by mail or mission service only.

Would you like to ask another question?

Send an email to watchworld911@gmail.com, and one of our representatives contact you as soon as possible.